Discomfort Zone

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One of the commonly used terms today, would be comfort zone. When one is in his or her comfort zone, one feels at ease and safe. Psychologically, one is inclined to stay at such state and not to change to a different state that would affect him or herself, at that point of time. Willpower is required to tell the mind to move out of it.

Comfort Zone


Naturally, when one is at ease and one’s mental state wants to remain status quo for the longest possible time, results will be mediocre, in everything done. Then, when the time comes for one to evaluate how one’s life has progressed in the past years, reality hits hard:

  • “What have I achieved these past years?
  • “Years ago, I had set a goal for myself. How far am I from what I have set out to do?"
  • “Have I became so complacent that the fire in me is perishing?"



The key is always to continue to challenge oneself. When the feeling of comfort sets in, it is time to evaluate the environment one is in and find ways to push ahead. What may have been challenging before, may have been settling now. The pursuit for discomfort and challenges, never ends as that is when one truly discovers about oneself and the capabilities or latent potentials that one has.

There is only one life given by God on this Earth, venture to the unknown and explore the depths that life has to offer. Embrace the discomfort zone.

Discomfort Zone

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