Human Potential

5 Jun 2017 · 268 words · 2 minute read thoughts

The human mind is something fascinating. If need be, it can be altered to learn new skills, cultures, perspective and way of thinking. If used properly, it can help to bring out latent potentials in people.

Given how society works nowadays, it is not surprising to see people being complacent and barely set foot outside their comfort zone. The notion of going through life by waking up, working to enrich others by trading one own’s time and repeat, rewires one’s mind to conform to a system and this makes the mind, comfortable. Shake it up and immediate chaos happens.

However, when one is able to achieve awareness and overcome the undue limits place by oneself, the results are simply astonishing. From someone who has background in Arts and able to pick up Accounting or even Business Administration and able to code, the possibilities are endless. Aside from having such a powerful mind, humans have focus as well. Couple them together, the limits of human potential is now blurred and the sky is the limit.

The initial step is to recognise what is limiting oneself from achieving greatness and then sought to think beyond it. As humans are rationale creatures, reasons drive actions. A person, acting from what seemed to be his mission would result in a better outcome than another who act otherwise.

There are many successful people who once started from the streets. However, persistence, tactfulness, focus, and being present, made them who they are today. That is the power, granted from the human mind, the power to transform and actualise from current level to another above.